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generator upn nalogov

Updated 6 months ago

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Datoteke, potrebne za objavo teletekst spletišča kot Android aplikacijo.

Updated 6 months ago

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šolske datoteke v tretjem letniku gimb. git.š je edini uradni dostop do datotek, c.ž.ga in nista več posodobljena.

Updated 1 week ago

Repozitorij z *javnimi* šolskimi datotekami v 2. letniku.

Updated 4 months ago

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sijaneciot: starting point IoT template I use for my projects

Updated 9 months ago

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moja spletna stran in blog

Updated 4 weeks ago

a set of scripts that searches for available short domains by bruteforcing whois and availability check websites.

Updated 10 months ago

Creates an Apache log by constantly requesting server-status on an Apache server. Stores log into SQLite3 database. Used on

Updated 10 months ago

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sear.c scrapes search results of popular engines, caches them and creates a simple HTML UI

Updated 3 weeks ago

Program za prenos posnetkov arhiva Radiotelevizije Slovenije.

Updated 9 months ago

everybody gangsta until my flair is the current time

Updated 12 months ago

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kremžljivi skripti za programsko delo s telefonskim imenikom slovenije

Updated 10 months ago

Deprecated API for zGimSISExt2016 - BežiApp used it!

Updated 10 months ago

discord.c is a lightweight chat client that connects to the chatting platform

Updated 1 month ago

DO NOT USE! Simple software for compiling posts and pages into a fully featured blog or news site.

Updated 9 months ago